Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Letter C- Week 7

Song of the Week:

The Fuzzy Caterpillar!
The fuzzy little caterpillar went up into a tree (act like your climbing) 
spun his cocoon and then (yawn) went to sleep (spin hands)
While he was sleeping he dreamt that he could fly (making flying motion) 
When he woke up (loud, excited) he was a butterfly.

For more song ideas click here

Instead of printing out a new penmanship letter daily I laminated the A-Z printable's found here.

This way she can use the same "paper" all week by using a dry erase marker.
 Saves on paper and ink!
I also did the same thing with the name worksheets as well. 

Hopefully you guys are getting the hang of my homeschooling program by now ;)
Instead of writing down the exact things we do each day- I'll be only posting the art projects I have planned for the week from now on. 

Just remember that everyday to begin your homeschooling routine with:

-Opening prayer (optional)
-Circle Time (songs, calendar, weather, introduce the letter of the week and the sound it makes)
 -Name worksheet
-Penmanship worksheet
-Count to 20 and A-Z flashcards/ Sounds
Story Time (optional)



C is for Cow 

printable click here.

Color cow
Have child glue the cow onto the blue construction paper
then glue on grass.


C is for Caterpillar

Optional: Read story before doing the art project

Very Hungry Caterpillar printable's click herehere or here.

(Parent) cut out art first
Have child glue pieces onto yellow construction paper
Draw on feet
Optional: Print out yourself the food the caterpillar eats, cut, color and paste around caterpillar.


C is for Cat

Cat art printable click here.



C is for Cowgirl

Cowgirl art printable click here and here.

(Parent) cut out hat and bandana 
Have child glue onto cowgirl.
Color in hair
Optional: cut, color and glue cowgirl accessories onto paper
  (see printable)


C is for Caterpillar

1st worksheet I'm letting my daughter fill the caterpillar up with stickers. 
The 2nd worksheet we'll be using Dot art paints

Happy Weekend!

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