Sunday, August 19, 2012

Week 2- Letter B

Here is an incentive chart for you to print out. It's a good idea for some of you who might be struggling to get your little ones to listen and do "school". Explain to them that if they do their worksheets/ art projects, and are good listeners that they'll get to put a star on their chart. If they fill out the whole chart at the end of the week maybe give them a special reward of your choice. ;)


Circle time

Write your name worksheet

Penmanship: Letter B worksheet
and more free printable's, here.

Art:     Butterfly Art Ideas


Circle Time

Write your name worksheet


Circle Time

Write your name worksheet

Skill: Tracing


Circle Time

Write your name worksheet

Art:  Ball Art

Fun Friday:

Circle Time

Read a book that begins with the letter B
Any book ;)

Review penmanship B worksheet (just the B letters)

Color letter B and have them cut it out (cutting skills)

Skill: Beading
Make a bracelet

Happy Weekend!

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