Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Letter T- Week 1

Our first week we will be starting with the letter T

Each day we will begin with circle time.

Circle time consists of: Calendar, Weather, Songs, Intro to letter of the week.
Show them how to write the letter of the week correctly on a white board.
Then have them try to write it themselves.

Circle Time song

(sing songs all week)

Click here for more songs

In your packet you will get:

A bag with all your art supplies for this week.

Our schedule for the week:


Circle time

Write your name worksheet

(printable template)

Go over alphabet with flashcards. This will help with identifying the letters.
You can do the sounds they make too if you want for more advanced learning.

Turtle art
Have them glue on squares, eyes and draw a mouth on the turtle


Circle time

Write your name worksheet

Read a book that starts with the letter T theme (or) just any book

-you can color with crayons (or) do water colors-


Circle Time

Write you name worksheet

T is for Tissue paper art


Circle Time

Write you name worksheet

Toothpick art
(glue on toothpicks)

Fun Friday

Circle Time

***Fridays are a time to have fun learning games/ activities***

Count the turtles then hide them easily around the house.
Have your child find the turtles and then put them in the correct order and count again.
 See if they can identify the numbers for fun.

***Remember to make learning fun and have tons of patience!
I recommend you creating a special space in your home where you can do "school work" with your child.

For fun: Cute printable for the 1st day of school picture, click here.

Tell me how your first week went!

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