Thursday, July 5, 2012

Welcome to Homeschooling

My Homeschooling Pre- School program starts next month!
(Aug 13th)
Here are the letters we will begin with for the first month.

T, B, M, L
(all upper case only)

Every week we will be doing the following:

Letter of the week writing worksheets

Writing your name worksheet

Art projects that starts with the letter of the week

Coloring/ painting page that starts with the letter of the week

A game that starts with the letter of the week

Fun Fridays

I will also be doing different types of learning skills such as:
 numbers, cutting skills, tracing, connecting the dots, shapes, colors etc.

We will also be working on a character building trait each month.

Each week I will print out your packets and have your art project cut out for you and supplies ready, but its up to you to come pick it up from me each month. Your first packet will be ready for p/u on Aug 6th.
I haven't come up with the cost of these packets yet, but when I do I'll text you the amount ladies.
Packets will be ready for pickup a week before each new month.  This way you'll have time to review them and get the necessary supplies for that following Monday. Don't forget to check this blog weekly/ daily as well!

Here are some supplies you'll need before school begins:

1. Expandable plastic folder-

2. Crayons
3. Markers
4. Kid safety scissors
5. Elmer's glue as well as a glue stick
6. Play dough (strictly for learning)
7. Water colors
8.  Small white board with marker

 Make a circle time board (or) purchase one from Amazon for $36.11

(This is the one I ordered) 

I hope you girls are as excited as I am to begin homeschooling!

Welcome, Cheryl, Amy, and Rebekah!!!


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